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Liquid Rubber The Spray Applied Waterproofing Membrane

North America experiences greater extremes of temperature than the UK and this challenging roofing environment has for over two decades benefitted from a unique material known as Liquid Rubber.

The waterproof membrane provided by Liquid Rubber is seamless and easy to apply. The commercial and industrial roofing sectors come under increased scrutiny from environmental health and safety regulations and Liquid Rubber meets all of these considerations.

Instant Waterproofing For Roofs

Liquid Rubber is applied with a brush and roller on smaller projects or with the “Instant Set” technique for larger installations. This means the Liquid Rubber is applied as a spray which can be used to cover huge areas in a small amount of time. 1000 square metres of instantly waterproof Liquid Rubber can be sprayed in a working day requiring no primer or fleeces. When compared to certain other roofing techniques this is up to five times quicker. Applied cold the Liquid Rubber sets as a single membrane without joints or seams. It is an elastic surface which can accommodate significant movement.

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