Commercial & Domestic Roofing Services

Best Roofers provide a complete range of roofing services for both industrial/commercial and domestic properties.

With extensive experience and knowhow of the roofing industry Best Roofers offer dependability and peace of mind. For general roof repairs, maintenance or even full roof installation, Best Roofers are the right choice for accredited roofing services in England’s North West.

Chimney Repairs Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Chimney Work Chimney Work

Taking the Brunt of the UK Weather

From wind and rain and snow and ice to the hottest summer sun, chimneys are constantly exposed to the extremes of UK weather. Add in the constant threat of bird droppings and it’s little wonder that from time to time they can seem a bit worn and in need of repair.

Chimneys are exposed to everything that nature can throw at them. Adverse weather, bird activity, frost and thaw cycles and condensation are just a few examples of the kind of things your chimney needs to withstand. Our dedicated chimney maintenance service will ensure that your chimney and also your roof will remain reliable and serviceable through the changing seasons.


Facias & Soffits Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Facias & Soffits Bolton uPVC Facias & Soffits

u-PVC Roofline

Best Roofers Bolton supply high quality u –PVC roofline goods in a wide range of styles and colours.

Protect your most valuable asset – your home with our complete supply and installation of u-PVC fascias and soffits. The typically wet UK weather can leave your home exposed to damp, decay and condensation.


Flat Roofing Bolton
Flat Roofing Bolton

Flat Roofing Manchester Fibreglass, Kemper and Liquid Rubber

Numerous Flat Roofing Options in Bolton

Flat roofs are notorious for leaking and often need replacing. A reliable flat roof offer long term protection depending upon the materials used to construct it.

As with many buildings with flat roofs choosing the correct or most appropriate materials for a flat roof depends on the size and nature of the building. We offer 3 main flat roofing products which have full confidence in. Using only modern techniques and materials not only are our flat roofing installations reliable and guarenteed, but are also aesthetically pleasing.


Guttering & Drainpiping Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Guttering Bolton Gutters and Drains

u-PVC Gutter Specialists

Our North West base means we know all too well about the sheer amount of rain constantly falling from our cloudy skies

Well maintained guttering is critical as in the long run, even small splashes of water can play havoc with brickwork and architectural features. Poor quality drain pipes and guttering can also mean you are constantly irritated by the noise of splashing or dripping water.


Lead Work & Lead Welding Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Lead Work & Lead Welding Bolton Lead Work For Roofs

Traditional Lead Welding & Lead Work

Much of the best architecture in the country has utilised lead roofing. It works and it lasts.

For weather protection lead is still the best and most suitable material for many traditional British buildings. Even when not used as a roof covering, it can be present as a gutter or flashing, or a bridge at awkward junctions between walls and roofs.


Roof Repairs Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Roof Repairs Bolton Roofs Repaired

24hr Emergency Call Outs

Best Roofers Bolton provide a complete range of services for renovation and maintenance of residential/domestic as well as industrial/commercial roofing. No matter what your roofing needs may be we are able to assist you.

Whatever your requirements we have the answers to all your roofing problems.


Slate Roofing Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Slate Roofs Bolton Slate Roofing Service

Natural Slate Roofs

The pristine quality of the natural slate we supply is a huge source of pride for Best Roofers. The quality of materials is matched by quality of service, not to mention value for money.

All of the natural roofing slate we use has been tested to British standards and is issued with a guarantee by the manufacturer. Best Roofers provide guidance on installation and hold a large range of samples.


Tiled Roofing Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Tiled Roofs Bolton Tile Roofing Service

Give Your Roof The Strengh Of Concrete

Whilst Best Roofers provide resolutions to all everyday roofing issues, Our speciality is in furnishing entirely new tiled roofs. We supply tile and slate from all leading manufacturers.

Best Roofers Bolton have been carrying out significant roof repairs and refurbishments for many years. In the North West, our reputation for outstanding quality and professionalism precedes us.


Velux & Roof Windows Bolton
Roofing Bolton

Velux Windows Bolton Velux Roof Windows

Bring Some Light Into Your Room With A Velux Roof Window

Velux windows never fail to exude excellence and elegance

Best roofers Bolton fuse the calibre of these materials with the expertise of our professional roofers and value for money to offer a comprehensive window fitting package.


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