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Much of the best architecture in the country has utilised lead roofing. It works and it lasts.

For weather protection lead is still the best and most suitable material for many traditional British buildings. Even when not used as a roof covering, it can be present as a gutter or flashing, or a bridge at awkward junctions between walls and roofs. Lead is one of the more traditional materials in roofing construction but still has a role to play in contemporary projects. It is not always necessary to fashion the entire covering from lead but it can be used to make flashings and gutters as well as joining roofs to walls. Sheets of lead can be laid upon timber boards and integrated through jointing details to construct a weatherproof surface for your roof or gutter. Each sheet of lead differs in weight and is coded depending on its properties. The code number relates to the weight of the lead in pounds per square foot. An historic roof may need larger sheets of lead and therefore a code 7 sheet could be used whereas for flashings a thinner code such as a 4 or 5 could be required.

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