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Best Roofers Bolton provide a complete range of services for renovation and maintenance of residential/domestic as well as industrial/commercial roofing. No matter what your roofing needs may be we are able to assist you.

Whatever your requirements we have the answers to all your roofing problems.

Maintenance Contractors

Our work is varied and full of surprises as each roof presents a fresh set of challenges. No matter what the job entails, our years of experience roofing and the knowledge we have acquired provide confidence for our clients that we will have the answer to whatever their roofing problem

Put aside your worries over that leaking or damaged roof by getting in touch for your free appraisal. If you have found needing regular minor repairs and patches it is perhaps time to consider having it re-covered. It is often difficult to discern if a new roof is required without the assistance of roofing professionals. Best Roofers will provide the expertise you are looking for so please do contact us. Our survey of your roof will provide the answers you are seeking and fill you with confidence that you and your roof are in safe hands. We aim to protect your property from the elements for as long as is possible.

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Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is provided by our high quality craftsmanship.

Expert Installation

The accomplished installation process means that old materials will always be removed before new cladding and bargeboard are fitted. Short term fixes are available from other roofing companies but this does not guard against the long term effects of damp.

Lack of Maintenance

One thing that is certain to shorten the life of a roof is to fail to detect or ignore minor signs of deterioration. This is especially true when roofing materials are applied to low-sloped roofs.


Exposure to the elements will eventually ensure the deterioration of all roofing materials. The speed at which this happens largely depends on the materials used and the conditions faced. In the main, organic roofing materials degrade quicker than in-organic materials. No type of roofing material is immune to the effects of hail and other factors such as a salt heavy atmosphere or contact with industrial pollutants can in certain cases accelerate deterioration.

Wind Damage

Strong winds, sometimes accompanied by flying debris will over time damage your roofing materials. Whilst roofs are not intended to survive winds of tornado intensity it is fair to say that such high winds are not frequent in the UK. It is true though that roofing problems can also be caused by moderately intense winds of 50-75 miles per hour. When wind blows over the edge of a roof it can create a partial vacuum which is the number one reason for wind damage. A low pressure area causes the high pressure air from inside the building to push up against the inside of your roof structure. In time this will break fasteners and undermine the adhesion of your roof, leaving it weakened and open to further damage from the next set of strong winds. Uplift forces can be neutralised by securely fastening all roofing and insulation materials to the roof deck. It is also necessary for an adequately fastened perimeter detail to be provided.

Poor Design

If mistakes are made in the design phase of your roof problems will result that are often dangerous and expensive. Often poor design can only be corrected with a full roof replacement. If design issues are not detected and resolved during roof repair it is likely that their related problems will return time and again.

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