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The pristine quality of the natural slate we supply is a huge source of pride for Best Roofers. The quality of materials is matched by quality of service, not to mention value for money.

All of the natural roofing slate we use has been tested to British standards and is issued with a guarantee by the manufacturer. Best Roofers provide guidance on installation and hold a large range of samples.

Give Your Roof The Natural Look

Slate has been used on British roofs for millennia. It is a natural material that provides durability with a timeless aesthetic.

Environmental concerns increasingly play a major role in modern construction. Slate is a natural material which can be salvaged, re used or recycled and is sustainable. If laid correctly a quality natural slate roof will last for the entirety of a building’s lifetime. Natural slate is able to withstand normal extremes of temperature. The slate we use is tested to BS EN 12326 Part 1 and meets the most stringent current ratings. Slate has a strong natural resistance to alkalis, acids and other chemicals.

This is not always the case for man made goods which are more likely to suffer from discolouration due to acid rain. It is however possible to delay this process and that of lichen growth through the application of a surface coating. Many people enjoy the character as well as subtle differences in texture and colour that a natural slate roof exhibits when compared with manmade materials. It is a traditional material ideally suited to period properties and is often the only suitable choice for older buildings and can be insisted upon in conservation areas in order to match with surrounding structures.

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