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Do you know of any similarities between New York’s Empire State building, the BMW plant in Steyr and the Gherkin in London?

Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing

All of these buildings as well as a myriad other structures around the world are protected with Kemperol liquid waterproofing supplied by Kemper System. Dr Kemper pioneered his company’s original liquid roofing system in 1957. Since that date countless buildings worldwide have benefitted from this wet on wet, cold liquid applied fully fleece reinforced resin waterproofing membrane.

Kemper Systems

Kemper System is a market leader in the contemporary construction industry. The roofing membranes produced by KEMPEROL® are complete resin based liquid waterproofing systems which are applied wet on wet and will directly bond to almost any surface providing a seamless UV- stable membrane that will not delaminate. The advantages offered by this state of the art system are numerous, particularly over partially bonded, layered liquid, sheet membrane, or hot-applied materials. Chemical engineering, research and development over the decades have combined to produce a technically superior resin formulation. KEMPEROL® remain dedicated to providing liquid waterproofing solutions which offer unrivalled performance.

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